Efficient Payroll Management–Outsource And Benefit!

Ouipay provides businesses in Canada a payroll service that can effectively and affordably provide payroll solutions and manage complex payroll requirements.

Let the professionals at Ouipay handle the management of your payroll system. Our software solutions are built for your fast changing Canadian business.

The concept is simple – get more for less, while selecting which payroll management tasks you want to outsource and which you want to keep in house.

Our OuiPay Select model gives your business access to our state of the art workforce management software. Automate all of the tasks associated with preparing for payroll, organizing your employees and tracking all direct and indirect costs of labour assigned to different cost centers including:

  • the entry and approval of employee time
  • the correct application of variable employee pay rates
  • benefits management automation
  • accurate project costing
  • the tracking of a wide range of HR information
  • extensive reporting and integration with third party applications

With the powerful tools and centralized information system delivered by the OuiPay Select solution, your employees can focus on the work you have set out for them.

Whether your business needs a completely outsourced service, or an end-to-end online payroll solution, OuiPay will be your trusted and capable partner. We are a payroll company that can effectively and affordably provide payroll systems to manage your company’s payroll program.

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