Time and Attendance

OuiPay Attendance Systems presents a new, and inexpensive, solution that will allow business owners to take control of their most costly business expense: their employees.


Simply connect the OuiPay fingerprint scanner to any computer with an Internet connection.  Within seconds of an employee placing their finger on the scanner their identity is verified and the time is recorded.  In real-time, the exact working hours of employees can be viewed from any location, anywhere in the world using a web browser on any computer or mobile device.


When it’s time to process payroll, employers can use the OuiPay web portal to view, print or export reports that provide detailed time and attendance information. The OuiPay attendance system automatically calculates total hours worked and can even calculate the number of overtime hours worked as well.  By eliminating the need for manual calculation of hours and the errors associated with it, employers can be certain that their employees will be paid only for the actual amount hours worked.


For as little as $19.95 a month you can immediately benefit from knowing exactly who is working and, for how long they actually worked, from anywhere, in real-time!


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